Great Lesson!

We went through the fingering, including why I needed to be in half position for the final measure. I was so used to practicing my A major scale starting at the lowest A, and forgot that meant the G below that in the key signature is actually a G#.

We continued to talk about staying light, and letting my bow drive instead of my left hand.

Worked through more issues in phrasing on the (F.J. Gossec) Gavotte. Although much about anticipation, setup, and dynamics was discussed, it really comes down to navigation. Once I know the notes, the interpretaton will start to be lighter and freer. On this same matter in Kummer #26, explored why we go from A2 quickly down to a low D#. When I asked why this abrubpt change occurs, the reply was “when you have your own answer, you’ll be an artist”. This sort of issue is important to me because I want to be more than a glorified tape recorder. I also want to bring some of myself to my performance.

Also, starting to plan for the new strings installation lesson.