First, I’ll tell you the happy ending to the story – everything worked out. I say this so you don’t think I’m here to give you sob stories.

I lost my tuner (also found) and had to tune in fifths and listen carefully. The A-D fifth I heard fine and could get those two in relative tune. The D-G was harder for me because I could hear the wave-beats when they were out of tune, but couldn’t figure out the direction to go to make it better. To make matters more fun, I had to use the pegs. Fortunately, my room still has a decent humidity, so the pegs were cooperative. I had to use unison to test my fifths – putting my finger down in 4th position and testing the relative pitches. Once I was in the right neighborhood, I was able to use the fine tuners again.

This whole episode took me considerably more than the fifth of an hour I had hoped.

Much is going on in my life that is not all that positive right now. I am not going to specifically mention the source of anxieties right now, but suffice it to say I felt more peace by getting my house in order than by playing today. Sometimes playing becomes a negative if I feel it is just a tool for denial.

All this and a lesson on Wednesday that I’m not ready for.