It has now been three weeks since I got that Gavotte.  I still cannot do this figure, although it does become slightly less grotesque with each iteration.

For now, I am also frustrated about getting decent graphical output from abcedit. Here is the music in textual abc notation:

T: Gavotte % title
C: Gossec % composer
O: Suzuki Cello School, Book 2 #11 % origin.
M: C| % meter
L:1/16 % length of shortest note
Q: Allegretto % tempo
K: c Major % key
V:1 % voice 1
!diminuendo(!(!1!E,!4!G,!3!^F,!4!G,) (!0!A,!4!G,!2!=F,!1!G,)!diminuendo)! .D,2.G,,2.B,,2.G,,2