Somebody (you know who you are) politely nudged me to post more frequently, pointing out without directly stating, that chronicling my process in more detail was part of the charm of the blog in the first place.

So, I thought it might be helpful to outline what my priorities are lately, in no particular order

  • Play cello, so that I can play some of my favorites and have an outlet for self expression
  • Writing a book for SAS Press, which while it will not make me rich, may provide some speaking opportunities and some pocket change so I can buy some fun accessories and have maintenance money for Stempie.
  • Aikido – so I can spend time with my son who is also practicing, and be able to move fluidly and feel confident in defending myself. My other son will be joining me at this, so I have to have extra money. See item 2.
  • Job, Family, and the usual householder stuff.