Kummer 26

It was a tough one today. I didn’t make as much progress as I would have liked, although parts were smoother. We played both parts together for the first time, and the pressure got to me. The main issues:

  • The half note sequence low-high-low-high really needs some attention. We talked about the right string-walking steps for this sequence
  • Make sure half notes get their full value. If I’m counting in my head, end the count when you say the word “three”, not “two”.
  • “Release the notes lightly”
  • Tuck in/out to cross strings rather than lift/fall

Gavotte, Gossec.

  • Stay light, light, light!
  • Use the top half of the bow, if need to help you remember
  • Use very little bow for the sixteenth notes

Kummer #29 – new piece

  • Reviewed the right way to do the extension,  standing on 1 and swinging thumb and second finger down.  I had been doing more of a shift.

Next lesson is Wednesday, so lots of work!

I mentally put together a list of some of the costs for one year of cello playing

Rental of cello and bow for one year- $350
Driving Costs 10 miles round trip x 52 times – $250
Lesson Tuition – $2,160 (12 months at 180)
Music, cello accessories (Resin, Cloths, Dampit)($50)
One Broken Cello, loss of security deposit (approx $400! – get insurance if you rent!)

I am fortunate to live in an area with a great luthier and an enthusiastic teacher.   Your experience (including mileage) may vary.  I’ll spare you the cliché “Priceless” line.  But all hobbies are expensive, and cello playing is actually quite reasonable!