I’ve been trying to get the kids off to a good start at school, and stay on track with all the various activities. There has been time to practice cello, but less time to post.

A more profound post about internal process, will likely be done by the end of the month. It is somewhat similar to the cellos and denial theme touched on this past spring.

There’s also my wife’s birthday to plan, a war to start, and Guilder to blame for it.

But I digress.

Lately, I’ve begun the process of trying out bows while also learning Gossec’s Gavotte. The bow I’m working with now is a Carbon Fiber bow that belongs to my teacher. This is just to give me a sample of what CF bows might feel like before I start a more organized trial. It lets me know very quickly when I’m not at the right speed, and when I’m playing with 4 down, I really have to work hard. Now, when I concentrate too much, my bow slows down, thus making the issue even more critical.

All this gets me to wonder, how much will I be able to tell about a new bow at this level anyway? Should I spend the big money for a pernambuco bow (big bucks here means about $500 for a Johann Krausch Select from Stringworks, not a $5000+ handmade bow!).

Since I’m mentioning products or specific merchants, this is a good time to remind my readers that I accept no promotional considerations for mentioning particular brands. You can trust that if I say it, that it comes from me and not a sponsor. That said, take what I say with a grain of salt. This is a beginner’s blog after all, and part of the fun will be coming back to read this in two years and think “I said what?“.