• use your elbow as a counterweight to help shifting from first to fourth position and back
  • use your fingers rather than just your wrist to affect bow changes. Warm up by bowing and focusing on your fingers
  • for now, make your first adjustment by choosing a distance from the bridge. Then make finer adjustments for speed. Thus bridge distance is like a first order effect, and speed the second order effect.


  • Bow distribution rules are important, but sometimes an eighth note – particularly the one at the end of Kummer #23 will take up more bow than usual.
  • Practice “bouncing bow” in preparation for Gossec’s Gavotte
  • On the C string, “scooping out” sound.
  • Don’t rush through the easy notes. Make a particular effort to make those notes speak.
  • In counting rhythm, make sure not to start the final eighth note after dotted quarter until after the count of 3. (This refers to a piece in 3/4 time)

Practice Goals

  • Continue to make 23 and 25 smooth
  • Start working on 22
  • First half of Gossec, more if possible