And I suspect I’ll be relearning it many times. But I have this passage where I need to go (in abc notation, here shortest notes are eighth notes, so quarters are listed as length 2)

Meter: 3/4
Key: E minor
Clef: bass
[e,2g,2b,2|(cb,)g,a,(#f,g,)|e,] #the f is sharp

Since the key signature here is not shown, until you run it through a program like abc2ps, for E minor there is one sharp. You all know this, but I put it for reference. In abc, the program will display the key signature.

Anyway, the issues I have here are intonation by ear, and by left hand position. I’m drifting sharp by the time I hit that second e. When I pay attention to getting all four fingers down on the D string after that string crossing, I do . I need to remember not to, as a friend put it, “play piano on the cello”. (You know who you are, and thanks.)

The other issue is my ear. When I hit that second e, I’m supposed to hear when it is off pitch relative to the first e I played. Dan says I should trust my ear on this, and that I should be able to do it with practice.

And if I haven’t said it before, it’s a lot more fun learning this with a whole community backing each other up than it is to do alone, so thanks again.