I’m not sure if it’s on my side or not. That’s in G-d’s hands. But I would like a lot more time with some of these pieces. Each time, it seems to be more fun to play them, and I would like to polish a few of my pieces. I got a good start on Kummer #25 today, which is a tuneful piece with a very tricky shift at the end – G-B-F#-E all on the A string. I really want to get a nice tone.

Did about 60 minutes tonight. Would like to do 2 hours tomorrow, broken into two separate sessions. Maybe do the Bach in the AM and the Kummer #23 in the PM.

I think it’s not the mistakes that bother me, but the same old mistakes that are bothering me.

We found that there is a wolf tone between F and F# and when I hit it, the resonance is abnormally strong on my sternum. When I play the IV(F), Dan is showing me how to ‘fight’ it and try to get a decent tone. That’s still in process. But the III(F) is particuarly warbly and hard to control.