Time to start thinking about being more organized.  I had a couple weeks of slow progress.   The numbers don’t lie.

9/3 – Scale – A major 2 octave, Pieces – Witches Dance.   Time ~30 minutes.

9/4 More scales today.  Took about 20 minutes to really settle into my playing.   More experimentation than structure.    Focused on how the strings felt as I did my scales, and worked on loosening the tension on my right thumb.   The thumb is there primarily for stabilization.   Scales: Eb major, F major 2 octaves.  Pieces: Last two lines of Bach Minuet “#3”, Kummer #23, first five bars.   Also reminded myself about something Dan taught me earlier – when playing dotted rhythms, it helps to imagine the short note as belonging  to the next group.   Time ~ 45 minutes.

9/7 – I practiced 45 minutes, slogging my way through #23.

9/8 – Scale – G major 2 octave (easy, but I was doing it with my son and trying to stay in tune with him, so that made it harder).    Pieces  – Witches Dance (Suzuki Book 2) – last 4 lines.  Last 2 lines were with younger son.    Decided to sit down and mark every bow stroke for Kummer #23.