The main emphasis today was getting the mechanics down on the Kol Nidre – first two lines only.   I need to lift, set, and then do an up-bow so that the sighing parts are on the down bow.   I’m going to also work on the second line so I can do my compound shift on the G string.   This is a change from my serial approach (moving on only when I get something)  to a more parallel approach (tackling two sections that are essentially similar at the same time).

In Theme from Witches’ Dance, we talked about a concept that was challenging for me.  The triplets at the finale have good articulation, but I need to let them last just a (witches’?) hair longer.  I wonder what would happen if I imagined the scene of witches dancing around a pot while I play.

Finally, or initially, we talked about using the first 100 or so notes to settle into playing cello.  No evaluation whatsoever – use the cello as meditiation to get the transition.