Spent most of the time on musicality. After some work, I was able to find the pulse of the piece, and from here on in, I should be able to make this work. The hard part was to make sure I give the eighth rest enough value so my quarter comes in on the pulse. Towards the end of the piece, that ends in a rage of triplets, Dan showed me how not every note is equally important. One new skill was to accent a note not by playing necessarily harder but by letting it ring.

Mechanically, we adjusted my hold on the cello. I was tilting it gradually towards me as I played, making it harder to cross strings accurately. Also, we talked a bit about bow speed. To go as a desired speed, I need to find a place on the bow with less resistance.

Finally, we re-emphasized being relaxed and balanced on the fingerboard. I think that aspect is coming along.

We also did about 10 minutes of Kummer #19, which is the beginning of position exercises.