The only cure is practice. But here is what is going on in me just prior to practice

  • Am I making enough progress? Will I have to deal with yesterday’s issues again?
  • Similar issue with scales – why is my X scale sound so rotten?
  • In general, is this very expensive hobby worth the time when I can be schooled by just about any talented eight year old.

I think that to get over it, I remember my teacher saying nice things about my progress. Or, I think about something I want, such as a “play-date” where I need to be good. Also, I need to remind myself that this is fun, and I’m not doing it to compare myself to anybody else (even though I do anyway).

In short, practice avoidance syndrome is really not a problem with practice, but negative attitudes about larger issues. As far as sounding bad, trust that progress will be made if I keep at it every day.