Spent about 45 minutes practicing the Bach this morning on Estelle. Estelle is less forgiving about bowing than is Stempie, partly because Estelle has beginner strings on her. Most likely Preludes, since that’s what the luthier likes to use on his rentals. I don’t mind so much, since I feel less poor should I break one.

I am trying to keep that cello played and maintained, especially if Stempie has to spend more than a couple of days at the luthier. In a prior post, I had mentioned that I had broken my C and A strings. I’m wondering if my new C string and A string can stay as they are. My A string was my first effort at re-stringing, and you can see where it’s sloppy. But does it matter, from a playing point of view? The C string had a strange angle at the nut, so I re-strung it this morning.
Pegbox showing C string