8/1 AM – Scales : A major (second octave emphasis and just listening and feeling), C major (because I wanted something easier)

Piece : Bach Minuet from Suzuki Book 2. – It was a very focused session. I just worked the section from measures 17 – 23 with emphasis the shift from 2d at II(G) on 2 back to I(B) on 1. I think that’s 1 step – let’s see if 2 is on G then if I roll i back to I, then 2 is on I(D) and 1 is on I(C#). To get back to B should be 1 step. I’ve messed this up before, and gottagopractice had to correct me. Hopefully I got it right this time.

My son practiced viola in the same room as me. We didn’t do anything together except for scales, and we took turns playing things.

8/2 AM – Scale Eb Major. Piece: Kummer 16 and 18, focusing on a passage that goes [g,d,b,g,] (B is flat). I have to do a backward extension or two shifts. When I do my extension, though, I have a hard time getting back to the note “g,”.