Great lesson after 3 weeks without one. We covered huge amounts of new ground, despite my forgetting to bring a bow as well as my music to class. I was so embarrassed! We covered a fair amount of left hand and arm mechanics in order to “stay strong” when place our third finger in the higher positions In this regard, we worked through the skills needed to play the first two octaves of F major.
Left Hand

  1. Position your hand so that 3 can say strong. This will require that I bring my arm assembly forward.
  2. Pronate slightly as you imagine “pushing” your left hand down the string. Practice gliding up and down the string that way, all the way to the end of the fingerboard.
  3. In general, find a stance to that you can play there for a while without getting tired too early.
  4. When going to an open string, plan ahead and at least keep physical contact with part of the string you’re headed to next.

Right Hand

Continue to more work with the fingers to make smaller adjustments. This will reduce my string screeching problems.


Make sure I listen to each note as I’m playing. During practice, for now, feel free to make adjustments, by sliding. I think my teacher has a higher faith in my sense of pitch than I do.

I know stuff like this can be dull for those who are well past it, but it is still an important part of the blog’s purpose to track issues at various points of the journey. If I only talk about philosophy and life, but leave out facts, the blog won’t be worth much to other learners or to myself.