This is the first time I’ve blogged about the effects of not practicing!

When I was gone, I practiced some mental cello. I even took my kummer with me, but after a few days I lost my feel for distances. My first day back, I did just scales. Amazingly, Stempie stayed in tune all week! Talk about faithful. Some slight tuning of the C string was necessary, but that was all. Intonation suffered a bit, and my half position was hard to find. But all in all, it was a happy homecoming.

My July goal is to get that first two lines of Kol Nidre navigable. I practiced those shifts over and over again. It is getting there. The next step is to more carefully at my bow usage. Also, worked quite a bit on intonation for Kummer #15 tonight. All in all, about an hour of practice. Created some tension in back and arms. Happily, my bow hand was not as tense as before.