Yesterday was frantic and stressful. G minor is a new tricky key because I now have to remember that E is flat and I have to make the jump back to first position (Eb to C) or close if I’m getting back by extending. Really felt like I was getting to every spot late and every next move was like a jump downtown. Today I am going to work towards the descending sequence of Kummer #14 that starts at the end of the first line and going to the middle of the second.

For those who ask, yes, I do practice every day although I will be breaking for a vacation during which I am not going to try to source a cello.

Today, I just focused on the mechanics of getting from I(Bb) to II(G) – letting go of the thumb and using 1 as a pivot point – not releasing it until I arrive safely at 4. Not feeling very philosophical today. Just wanted to get some tricky stuff down.