This is the new cello I’m playing now. I will tell you another time of how I was fortunate enough to be it’s caretaker. What I do know now and that I can share is that it was made in the 19th century by an amateur luthier named Stemplowski. It has virtually no purfling, so it had a couple of cracks that have spread up the belly and another crack on the pegboard Repairs have held up so far. When it’s owner upgraded, I was offered the chance to adopt him. I drove to meet its owner, and we played together for a while – at least enough to convince the owner that I was an aspiring cellist and not an ax murderer.

Today, I basically got the go ahead from my teacher to make it my learning cello. There are still a few more steps towards making the adoption complete. We’ve got to take it to the luthier for a good look-over and get an appraisal for insurance purposes. After that, we’ll work through whatever strategies are needed to keep it playable for as long as possible. There is always the possibility that the next major repair might cost more than it is worth. However, until then, I intend to give it a good home and enjoy making music with it.

I will eventually post a few videos of me playing it. Here is a picture of Stemplowski, who quite frankly can also use a good nickname.
Picture of cello in case

Although I don’t like to anthromorphize things more than necessary, there was a Twlight-Zonish episode today when I picked up (ssssh) a guitar to show a friend and Stemplowski lost its balance, started tipping over (in its case) and hit me on the back. Neither cello nor adopted owner was hurt. But Coincidence?