There is a point in solving a cryptic crossword when you know it will be solved soon. Sure there is some work to be done, and there are a few tough clues ahead, but the puzzle is no longer out of reach. Suddenly, those tough clues have a few crossing letters but more importantly there is a will to finish whereas at the beginning, there was some doubt.

No, this isn’t a mis-post from my other (inactive) blog on cryptic crosswords. Rather, this is the current state of the Bach Minuet. It’s memorized now, and I can start to see the piece as a whole as well as focus on the patterns of the notes instead of working so hard at reading them. There are many bad spots still, but I can see it. Intonation needs to be consistent, and I’d like to get those short eighth notes down. Tonight I practiced it focusing on my right arm and how it felt. Granted this means I made some mistakes on my left but the shift of focus was helpful.

It’s just a matter of concentrating and breathing throughout the piece. It’s not like there is a section that gets me every time. As my teacher said – it’s a nice arrival point for six months of cello playing.