I had a lesson at home today, because my teacher’s studio was under construction. It was an interesting change of pace. Although I took some time to get the room set up for cello playing we had an amusing moment when we couldn’t figure out how to turn off a ceiling fan. This was awkward, since it was presumably my house, right? Now, I know how.

Worked on getting some shifts down so I could do the chromatic passages in Kummer #13. It took me several tries. I’ll fill in the details later, but basically today was about letting go – that for me right now I need to give the controller a rest, and let myself go to to the shape of the music and the rhythm.

Also on the right hand, we explored playing closer to the fingerboard in the Bach piece. An interesting change is that we warmed up not with a scale (heaven forfend) but with one of the easier Kummer pieces.