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This next one, on Kummer #11, is going to involve a fair amount of time figuring things out.   Navigation is very sketchy, and there are enharmonic spellings E#=F and B#=C to keep me alert, as well as a same finger slur (B-E).   I’m still hearing myself skating over the strings quite a bit before I slide into position.

Worked through a bit of Kummer #12, listening for a good B-flat.

I’m also trying to get a good new study goal in.  I really like the results that daily practice gives me, and I don’t want to skip days.    Now that I did that 100 day challenge, I now have the mental skills it takes to create a good practice mentality, even among chaos.  And there’s plenty of that.  Although the 100 day goal is done, I still did manage to practice for 29 days in April.