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I’m continuing to look at my anticipation and breathing. It’s hard to anticipate until I’ve been through the piece a few times so I know what’s coming next. Maybe my body knows, but I still need to read the music.

It is getting more fun to play. I’m also doing some bow and wrist exercises. Kummer #12 is a new piece for me, in F major. Not too many gymnastics on this one, but I got caught on bow speed. I’m doing a fair amount of practice when my wife is asleep, so I’ve got to learn to play quietly.

I’m also skimming through Cello Technique more for inspiration than comprehension.

Does anybody know the BWV numbers for the Suzuki Bach minuets in the first two books of the Cello School? I’d be much obliged. I’m also going to put the question up on Celloheaven.