Teacher says progressing at a pace that is encouraging! Went through Kummer #10 in detail today. The focus was on physical anticipation. Spend less effort watching the cello and focus on how it sounds and feels. Positive comments on intonation improving. Also, prep the next motion before the current one is done. In regard to this, on some points of the Bach Minuet (#17 in Suzuki) make the slurs without accenting the second note. This requires some of the physical preparation. While this is necessarily vague, it is a good point of awareness. We also talked about tension checkpoints under my arm and back. Finally, he explained that playing light does not necessarily mean playing fast. On the second section – measure 17 [c d e d c b]- move the whole ‘apparatus’ up a bit and play closer to the finger board than I was.

A very thorough lesson on another rainy day.