This means, I’m overcontrolling (surprise) when I’m learning new music.

Just need some time to consolidate my knowledge. I have a strong need to stay and polish at this point. I’m near where people might ask me to “play me something”, and I want to have something to play. But I am finding that getting everything working together continues to be challenging. I’m afraid of mistakes and moving the bow in very controlled tight strokes. Doing a fair amount of work in A major, and continuing to have challenges navigating the fingerboard, but I’m hearing things better now (I think).

Spent about 2/3 of the practice (40 minutes) on Kummer #9 and #10. That shift to half position is tricky. More practice will make it smoother.

I’m also trying to keep my senses aware of when my right thumb starts to lock. It remains a mystery, though. Sometimes I just look up and find it in a locked position, and if I can, i try to loosen it.

I am starting to be able to feel things better when the bow is near the tip.

Also worked on the A major scale and D major using the two notes per bow assignment.

Regarding Suzuki, the slur that goes from E to G# is getting better. Getting my left hand to ‘stand up’ for the A before going back to G# is still novel for me and needs more work.