Trying to pay attention to my fingers. Make sure that none of them have occasion to send a secret message to Emily Wright. As I get towards the tip of my bow, I need to pay more attention to what my fingers are doing. This is tricky, because until now I haven’t paid much attention.

Continuing to refine Bach Minuet #2. I suspect I’ll be doing this for a bit longer. Today I tried to remind myself “stop trying to work the strings and just play. This is your fun time.

Kummer #10 is new, and I’m trying to watch for making my extensions with 2-3-4 as a group along with my thumb for navigation so that when I arrive, I have friends in high places. Kummer 10 features a slur into half position across strings (III(B)-II(D#)) and a slur into an extended position (I(B)-II(G#)).

My plate is very full this weekend with a 5K for which I am not prepared, speech to prepare, a soccer tryout, and a game table to put together, not to mention catching up with work that was frequently interrupted this past week. It’s not going to be a relaxing weekend, so cello practice must be approached with the planning usually required for a weekday practice. Usually, during the weekends, I lighten up and practice more.