And this applies to my approach to my strings as well as my life. I am extremely self critical sometimes when I practice. Just hearing the voice though helps me turn it off.

One thing I was working on today was trying to listen to myself as I play instead of just grinding out the notes. Still on Bach Minuet #2 and Kummer #9. More and more is coming together, and I need to accept that playing music is hard, like swimming. You can get across the pool and not drown, but a stroke that glides one through the water involves putting together some body awareness and breathing. It’s hard (for me, anyway) to do everything right on every lap. It’s easier to try to add one thing at a time.

I also need to remind myself about the importance of seeing how far I come, and not in terms of how I fall short. This theme has been echoed by my teacher as well as on several blogs in the cellosphere. But sometimes, I wish I wasn’t so short of the mark for so long.

Today, my right hand was feeling a bit cramped especially on the C and G strings. I practiced for about an hour.