My 100th day of practice in 2009, save for the one I missed in March, was today. We’ll call it the ‘Andromeda Romano-Lax official study day’, thanks to her inspiration since day 1, and for putting up the 100 day challenge in the first place.

I’m going to cover the next few months of practice, as well as planning ahead for a week overseas.

I spent it doing a bit of the Kol Nidre. Yes, I know that’s a bit beyond my level, but we’re working with the bits that I can do. The important thing is that we’re making the jump to Lion taming all at once, instead of more gradually, like through banking. It’s my first jump into fourth position, so it is a bit exciting for me. As an additional benefit, I do already have the ear training for this piece, having heard it every year since I was able to say “when can we go home (from temple not symphony), mommy?”.

My lesson consisted mostly on refinements of the previous one. More of my pieces are being navigated reasonably well and we’re talking more about musicianship on some of the phrases. We also have to learn as we go here, since my background in music theory is non-existent beyond the definition of major and minor scales and a couple of modes. I know the fifth scale degree is called ‘dominant’ and needs to resolve back to the tonic, but I don’t know why that’s true. The emphasis here has been on phrasing and prioritizing notes within each phrase. This work has been done in the context of the Minuet #2 of Bach as presented in the Suzuki book.

What should my next goal be? Well, now that we’ve got the momentum going, I’m certainly going to continue practicing every day for now. However, I am not going to worry quite as much about taking a day off for memorial day. If I go to Bermuda, though, I hope I can rent a cello there for a week. I’m not going to take my rented cello overseas. Any ideas?

The purpose was to show how I can prioritize and plan so that there really are no missed days. This week, my wife is out of town for the first time since I started the cello. I’m used to the lifestyle, but it will be challenge since I have upgrade the priority of things such as shopping. Although I usually do a fair amount of the shopping, I had the luxury of leaving the kids at home with mom. Now, I can’t do that. We’ll see how it goes.

In general, I see a few goals for Spring and Early summer.

  • Get a self-teaching music theory text, such as the Berklee books, and ask questions as I go.
  • Continue to tackle more technique
  • Make those first two bars of Kol Nidre sound as soulful as I can make
  • Learn how to play in the higher registers
  • Tackle some material from Suzuki Book #2
  • and of course, make the video for gottagopractice.