Had a lesson on Wednesday. I’ve been practicing, although not blogging about it as much. I went to this lesson after reading Emily’s post on the ‘Jackass Syndrome’.

As a result, I really tried to focus on the technique messages that my teacher was delivering. Although I’m usually a good listener, I made an extra effort this time to be attentive to his suggestions about right hand technique. Sometimes, I have the bad habit of skimming over details. This is a fine thing to do when reading, but less fine when we have to stay in the present moment.

Anyway, back to the lesson. Lots of work on tone production, particularly on managing speed and pressure at different parts of the bow. We also focused on releasing pressure as we get closer to the frog.

Beyond techique, I had expressed frustration that I was spread too thin in practice. We re-aligned the practice schedule. Now, I am going to do a little work from each book instead of switching by date. Also, although I am going to still play through the entire piece, I will focus more on getting the tricky parts identified first. This will also help me with attention to detail.