Practiced 90 minutes tonight in two separate sessions. This was to celebrate a victory at work.

We’re at day 89 of 2009, of which I have practiced 88 days.

Here’s what I’m working on improving

  • 4-2-0 pattern. Trying to keep my hand organized without being too rigid
  • Improve my tone on stopped notes, particularly II(G) and III(C)
  • I’m still managing so many learning paths, it doesn’t really feel like music yet.

Here’s what’s working better

  • Crossing from A to G on the same bow
  • Posture. I’m leaning forward more, and balancing myself better with the cello. We talked a bit about the cello and me being two beams of a roof of a house.
  • Keeping the right bow direction in Happy Farmer
  • Right hand holding the bow and adjusting my hand naturally as my hand gets near the tip.