March 24 was the 4 month point of my cello playing. At the end of each month, I like to take stock. I have come a long way in ear training. I can tell when some notes sound right. I was totally clueless before this. Tonight I was able to tune the cello in fifths. Finally, I could hear when the fifths were out of tune.

In short, focused on keeping my arm moving and not worrying about getting one side perfect. It’s my dread word “coordination”. There’s so many self-image issues that come up with that word, since I’ve been labeled un-coordinated since I was a child. But, again, I’m trusting the diligence of guided practice that I will develop this coordination.

Besides coordination, focused on getting a little wider on the extensions. I am getting more comfortable with them gradually. The Kummer #9 will make that even more so.

Also went over challenges in crossing from I(A) to II(G) again. I’m coming in with too much weight, so I need to work out what will help.

I generally like my teacher’s approach. We focus on “here’s a problem to solve”, and here are your tools to solve it. We’ll try different adjustments rather than say this is THE way.

Since I do have occasional back pain, we spent about 5-10 talking about posture and cooperating with the cello’s mass instead of fighting it or getting too relaxed. Reminded me of an engineering problem.

Also got to hear some of my own teacher’s growth challenges. He’s so much better than my level, and yet he sees that same gap between himself and the highest level cellists.