This is one of my few non-cello posts. I had to cancel a lesson today because of work schedule pressures. That had me a bit bummed, although I don’t mind having a couple of extra days to refine Happy Farmer and continue to improve the others. I just finished reading the latest post over at Cellomania, which was none too encouraging.

A few thoughts, from my teacher since I have not too much encouraging to say, regarding adult learners. One is to compare yourself to the normal developmental process of cellists, not against the standard of musical perfection to which we aspire. Along this line, be grateful to yourself for taking this on. It is really remarkable.

I am trusting the practice process that comes from practicing nearly every day. That is, even if I don’t think I’m getting better, keep coming back as mindfully as possible. This is day 84 of 2009, and I have practiced for 83 of them.

And since this is the time of year that resolutions often flag, I might end on an encouraging note that if you recommit to your new years resolutions starting the second quarter of 2009, you’ll still accomplish 75% of what you were hoping for this year. By most measures, this should be more than acceptable.