I really did not want to practice tonight. Last lesson was the first one where I didn’t really show progress. All the old issues about being too concerned, controlling, and tight came back. Physically, my left thumb was locked in place, which made it impossible to reach from II(E) to III(C) in tune. My right hand got tense too, as my teacher pointed out that the two halves of my body are physically connected.

I still have a sort of streak going. Practiced 75 out of 76 days in 2009 – only one skip.

What made it hard for me was how I thought I would feel after the practice. Would I be super hard on myself and concerned? I tried to do the opposite. I played the etude (#14) as freely with my right hand as I could manage. I tried to just enjoy playing instead of working.

During the day, I did air cello, trying to learn the fingering for Happy Farmer again, and in the evening focused on keeping my left hand organized. This did help me be freer with the right.