In the beginning, there was a fella who missed his chance at cella (sic). He looked at his new cello and it was good. He played his first stopped note, and it sounded, well, as expected.

I was inspired by Emily Wright’s contest. It made me think.   What is ths supposed to be? 

My blog was primarily made to answer the questions

  1. What issues beginners face from the point of view of beginners.
    I tried this approach at my other blog . It’s a good way to start a blog, but it’s hard to continue.  And it raises the question, “when can you stop calling yourself a beginner”.  Thus, this cannot be the raison d’être of the blog, although it’s certainly a start.
  2. Along the line of a beginner’s point of view, I’m curious about how much a person can progress in a year if they practice every day for a year, for an average of an hour a day?  As we noted earlier, in the first few weeks, only practice 30 minutes a day, and increase gradually.  Never over do it.    Of course, this means over-do it and then learn a lesson not to do that again.   This recalls a time when my fingers went numb for two days after an over-long practice session.

I guess, like anything else, this journey is a work in progress, so I won’t be too quick to declare an organizational scheme until one more readily suggests itself.