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  1. On extensions, plant 2,3,4 together – this reinforces what gottagopractice told me in her video.
  2. Try to avoid the lone #4.  There is no accuracy there. 
  3. Timing and organization of the hand is more critical right now than worrying about perfectly arching the fingers to avoid the A string.
  4. Think about arm balance, especially during extensions.  The extension on the C string is slightly different than for the G.
  5. Use the resistance of the string to create a counterweight to permit your bow hand to pivot.  It may take some time to develop sensitivity to this.
  6. Towards the close of Kummer #7, keep that elbow afloat and managed by the back.  This will help you avoid “crash landings” on the D string during the slurs.
    • Remember that the half notes after the slurs is where the phrase ends.
  7. Work on your breathing. Knowing the phrasing will help group this appropriately