For those still counting along I’m at day 63, which is now 9 straight weeks of practice. I’m becoming baseball-like in my superstitiousness and hoping not to jinx it!

By the way, I’m going start looking into the abc standard as a way to post fragments of music as part of my blog. I should start doing this in a few weeks.

On to my question. In Kummer #7, in the first measur e of the second line I have to shift from IV(F#) to III(A), which is a fairly large shift (for me). I’m not sure I see a way, if there even is a way to walk from one to another without giving up the fingerboard.

Update: I got an answer on this one. Before I get here, I have to hit E on the D string,then an open G. So, I can use this E to keep my orientation as I hop down to F#.