This is Day 60.   Well, the number 60 has lots of interesting significances, not least of which is the number of minutes in an hour as well the place value base in ancient babylonian arithmetic.

So, if we wind back the clock and set midnight at January first – advancing a minute each day…and see where I was an hour ago in Cello time, I was struggling through Kummer exercise #1 and having difficulty picking up III(C).

Anyway, today I was trying to get this I to II string crossing down in Kummer exercise #7. I’ve got to go all the way to the tip on the up bow before to give me enough room, and it seems to work best when I make the string crossing mid bow, but at a high angle so that I’m closer to the bridge when the string hits. For some reason that seems to work better than all the alternatives I tried, although it still does not sound too great.