Today I celebrate two straight months (59 days) of practice without any excuses. A-R-L – I have a Jury duty summons that will come just near day 100, but I do get one skip, right? This is one case where I wished I played violin. Then, every time I got a sob story from the defense, I could practice my air violin.

Quick run through of Kummer #7. Also did some octave practice (Open G vs. II(G), Open C vs IV(C)) to see if I hear the pulses or if they play in harmony.

Today’s practice was just a Jumble of notes at the wrong speeds. Tried to keep my right shoulder relaxed but paying too much attention made it worse. I think I’ll just learn the piece and then worry about improving some parts of it.

Some practice sessions are just like that.

In general music education, I listened to a course on the Symphony from the Teaching Company. The pace was a bit slow, but it had some interesting bit of history, and the instructor, a PhD from San Francisco university made good use of transitions, gestures, and vocal variety to keep the pace moving. The one main point I got out of it was how the seeds orchestra and symphony as we understand it today was germinated in the soil of Opera.

That’s it for tonight guys – thanks for reading.