Now have done 58 days, 42 to go. Tough week, but I managed to work in the practices. First, I’ll review the main points of my lesson and then tonight’s practice.

  • When coming down from open or 1 on a higher string to 4 on a lower string, make sure to bring down 2 and 3 with it
  • When doing the same thing with an extension, bring the elbow down and imagine “flopping out” the hand but don’t actually flop out to get the right degree of openness.
  • Right hand on bow – finger sometimes comes up, causing tension elsewhere
  • At top of bow stroke, this is a good time to ‘check in’ and make sure nothing is locked in
  • Locking in various joints is a main reason I have difficulty locating strings and the right degree of pressure to apply. Being aware and keeping that right arm system fluid has been helping in this regard.

Tonight’s practice. I worked on Kummer #6 and #7. I’ll just write about 7. #6 had one measure (second to last on the line) that makes me stop to think, and I just practiced in about 8 times until I got the feel of the slur on the down bow followed by the slur on the up bow. I also practiced #6 with the metronome with 72 qpm. The key on #6 is going to be to watch my orientation to keep from going sharp.

#7 is going to be the real fun one. The rhythms are tricky and the crossings are larger. I walked through it tonight and tried some of the trickier measures. Just to check in – I think that there’s a low F# on the C string in there, so although nobody marked an “x” for me, I’ve got to manage that extension. Additionally, it’s a shorter string and the C string so really need to pay attention to that one! Still, I enjoy some of the harmonies on this piece, and it will make me stronger. I look forward to it.

Saw that the next note is an open string followed by more closed positions.