In my 100 day challenge, I can now start counting down. In football terms, I’m on the opponent’s half of the field.

Anyway, fairly distracted today emotionally. Kids needed attention, too. Needed to engage them more than usual because we’re changing rules in the house and that requires more attention to their emotions. Transitions require attention whether on Cello or in life.

Why more personal than usual? I’ve been reading Gotta Gopractice’s blog and observing the way she focuses on technical posts, but also gives her readers some chance to know about the person who is writing. So, sometimes I’ll add a few personal notes here, but without giving away too much privacy.

As for practice, just scales today. Scales and more scales. I was playing the A major arpeggios too. You’d think those would be easy. There are C# in there, so all I should have to do is aim for C natural and I should nail it, right?

Also, because I’m a bit of an explorer and a rebel, decided to at least try the C major scale that ends with the C in 4th position on the D string. Sort of wanted to see how it felt and where to engage the string. I like to get a taste of what’s ahead but not totally break discipline. I went back to doing it the normal way.

On the G minor scale, I had more elbow pain that I expected, so we’ll have to look at that in the lesson.

Finally, I picked up the Suzuki Cello School CD from the library (tight times). At least got to hear what the Happy Farmer sounds like rhythmically.

Another curiosity question – why does my hand drift out of position so easily when I play cello but not recorder? In both cases, I have my thumb in an easy place for reference. Oh, I know that with cello I do move my thumb slightly to maintain balance, but that doesn’t explain the total letting go that I see myself do.