I’m at 48 out of 100 days. Can’t imagine stopping now!
What I do need is to put this “practice creates motivation!” idea into practice in other areas of my life.

I told Dan my teacher that I would give very specific details about my practice. Much more than I had previously. Previously I just said I worked on so-and-so a piece, but now I’m going to give note-by-note details at times.

Today it was mostly the Minuet in C by Bach (Suzuki #16 for those following along). Played the first two lines 10 times, focusing on breathing and also working the angles to switch strings. I’m still giving up the fingerboard too easily, and need to focus on that some more.

After 20 minutes of that, I took a break for scales – D and C major, and played along in some of the earlier Suzuki songs along with the violist. That was about 10 minutes.

Played the Etude starting on the third line focusing on the string crossings, and smooth bows, and it is sounding a bit better.

I sometimes include material about my kids because I want to get some insight into how kids view practice. Violist is getting bored with practice and wants some new material. He doesn’t want to jump ahead in the same book because then it would take away the element of newness when that same song got covered in class. The solution is supplemental material. So, even though this is a cello blog, if anybody can recommend some fun songs for viola, do drop me a line.

He asked to learn the opening theme to Beethoven’s Fifth, which I managed to find, but I needed to figure out the viola fingerings. “4” in Cello seems to mean “3” in viola. We didn’t get to the A-flat in the 7-th measure, and we’d probably just get in trouble with his teacher anyway. Besides, he just wanted to know the famous fate theme.

Am I off base? C minor has 3 flats – E,A,B, right?

Reminder to next time – pay attention to left arm balance.