I’m noticing that my life is much easier if I go back to earlier pieces and scales in order to be mindful on my breathing and posture. Of course, I should always be mindful of these things, but hey. Tonight I went back to Kummer #1 and #3 to see how they sound now. They do sound better than before. This is a good testimony to moving forward to new technical challenges before a piece is completely polished.

Started the Minuet in C again and it was a total mess. Played a few measures of it, and it still doesn’t sound right. Continued to work on my axis and trajectory on all pieces. I’m going to find few recordings of it on YouTube or something and see if some six year old will show me the way.

String crossing is getting easier as a result of Dan’s technique reminder but I still slip back occasionally to the wrong “up/down” mode of crossing strings.

Played around with C and D major scales tonight. Might do more tomorrow just with scales.

ps – Happy Birthday Mom! She said she might start taking lessons. It’s so interesting what is happening in my life when I tell people what I’m doing with the cello. Instead of hiding it from people until I’m good, I’m telling more people about it and usually the reactions I get are positive.