Well, some of my lesson is immediately paying dividends. Crossing strings is becoming much easier! I had learned the arm positions before, but this time I think it will stick. But still lots of work to do. So much is going on in my life, and I can’t discuss all of it now. But I do look forward to coming home and playing my cello at the end of it. I wish I could start the day with cello, too. Once I learn to play in the upper registers, I might do that.

I keep thinking of my memories of learning Yoga – how stubborn parts of my body were and how frequently I needed to learn to relax my shoulders and neck. Body learning takes longer than just mind learning, but practice paves the way.

I’m still thinking with a short practice week I may just stay with what I’m working on with an occasional foray into the new piece. I need to remind myself to remind Dan to play the new pieces for me at the end of the lesson.