New stuff is exciting, but it also feels like an obstacle course. OK…here comes G – make sure to land it, and know if you’re going to F or F# from there! Round the bend, and here comes the part with the B-flat on A string. I see the home stretch. Stay on Target! Use the Force! Ah, finish strong and you’re still in. You can make it pretty tomorrow.

It’s not as bad as all that – I’m just over-dramatizing for fun.

On other matters: The cello gave a really nasty steely hiss coming right from the pegboard. It made the instrument un-listen-able. Loosening the C string and re-tuning it seemed to make the problem go away.

Also, I notice that when I get a certain way, my legs retract as though they are trying to hide under the chair and I start getting all tense. I need to re-set.