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2/3 – Day 34 – Played over the first 8 measures of Kummer lots of times. Took a break – played some Suzuki tunes with my son on Viola (no Viola Jokes please – I know them all anyway).

2/2 – Day 33. Tackled some of the cross-strings slurs in K#4. Some things are so new that I just try to focus on just that one figure until I have some sort of idea how to do it. I’ve officially played all the notes of it, and it still requires lots of work. It will likely not be ready for Wednesday’s lesson. Sigh, what do I do all week?
Also practiced long notes, trying to be aware of when my back is involved and which joints are moving.

2/1 – Day 32. I practiced. That’s all I can say about today. I shouldn’t have done it afterthe game. We had people in and out all day and not much time to have quality practice. I am curious about how to do the A major arpeggio though. I’ve got to get from A down to C#. Need to ask Dan how to do this efficiently. I notice that it’s not x1-2-4 but 1-2-x4.

1/31 – Basically a repeat of 1/31, but more emphasis on major scales with full bow. On the A and D major scales still desire to stay in 2d position on the descending scale.

1/30 – Same music as 1/29. Tried the D major (in two octaves) scale starting in first position instead of in second the way I had been doing it. Afterward, I played around with the bow to see what kind of sounds I can make on the G string. Still not really understanding how to find the sweet spot to get me my note. The new wrinkle is that I did some rhythm practice with the metronome – just played the piece rhythmically and did it on the various strings. Also practiced that B-C-A-B C measure over and over again.

1/29 – First 8 measures of Kummer #4 (up to first repeat) Copied said measures to staff paper and made bowing markings. Tried to use as full a bow as possible. Need to keep playing around so I don’t screech. Also experimented with playing some notes closer to the fingerboard with a slightly faster bow just to see how it sounds.

1/28 – Pretty awful scales. Thinking too hard. Took a break, came back. Result – tolerable scales. Still a bit reedy on the G string. Need to remember what Dan said about focusing because some spots are difficult on different cellos. Mostly scales and some of the #14 to practice with a more sweeping bow. I made more mistakes but also had more fun. The C string was really misbhehaving today. It was totally slack when I took the cello out of its soft case.