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As the father of two kids, I get to watch a fair amount of Spongebob. In one episode, Spongebob empties out his mind until he knows ‘only fine dining and breathing’. This works great until the guest, Squilliam Fancyson, asks him his name. Not only can he not answer, but he breaks down completely and wrecks the restaurant trying to remember his name.

That’s how it seems sometimes when I’m trying to integrate everything together. Don’t ask me my name and I’ll do fine.

But I do appreciate the breathing note.

Here’s my first mention of anything that singles me out as a mid-lifer. As an aside, my contacts that worked just fine for me today suddenly seem inadequate when I’m trying to read my music. This is odd, since they’re the same prescription. Interestingly, the music is about 18″ away from me so I at least get to use my distance vision. It’s not a presbyopia thing. But from now on, I’ll wear glasses when playing cello.