1/22 – Played around with my new scales – A major, A minor, D major (2 octaves). Newness is fun. Still need to watch the angle of my head. I want to focus on tone and balance.

1/23 – A good practice. Suzuki #14 and went through the D major scale again in two octaves and also the C major. Played for about an hour. Noticed that my chair is actually slightly wobbly. Heck, I think my house is slightly wobbly. Still, I don’t have the $$ for a specialized cello chair right now. Took two minutes of deep breathing and posture practice before bringing the cello to my body. Hat tip to Emily for the reminder. Of course, my teacher also reminds me of this.

1/24 – A quick 25 minute practice. C major scales in two octaves followed by Suzuki #14. Still had some trouble playing it accurately in the third line and still had challenges with the finale. Closed with F major scale (in one octave).

1/25 – A quick 25 minute practice. D major, G major, G minor scales. Barely under the wire. Studied from 11 to 11:40 pm. Not a good idea in general.

1/26 – At this point, with my lesson only two days away, I have really worked on only one piece, the Suzuki étude, since my last lesson. Thus, I am going to push forward with just that piece.