Coming up on two month “cello-versary”.  Here are notes I need to bring up on my lesson.  This is just a summary of past posts.

  • Tender right elbow
  • Sequence from 0pen to 3 finger, also open to 4.
  • Preventing thumb drift
  • Screeching while playing C on the G string.
  • Review of posture – left & right leg.
  • Posture – I have new glasses that make it easier for me to see the music.  But please check to make sure I’m not leaning forward to see it while I’m playing.

Cello culture – stuff that’s too advanced but I’m still curious:

  • When four notes are stacked on top of each other – what can that mean since the bow can hit only two strings at a time?
  • Elements of extensions & shifts – A and D major scales