1/21 – This was my lesson day, which I’m going to count as my practice. I did a few of the scales that night in a mini-practice.

1/20 – Same as 1/19,  but slightly better results.   Some more time on #13.  Virtually ignored Kummer the past few days, although I occasionally go back and play bits  Kummer #1 and #3 to make sure they stay in my mind’s ear. Kummer #2 is totally not ready, Dan!

1/19 – G/major scales and Arpeggios.   G minor arp. as well.   Then launched into the Allegretto.   It’s probably a good idea to scale the key I’m about to play.  Anyway, tried to play noticing when tension creeps in.

1/18 – Short session today.  Right elbow was bothering me.   Did G and C major scales, and A minor.  Focused on holding long notes.

1/17 – Focused on 0-3-4 pattern.    Two measures of Kummer #2.   Part of me says “is it OK that I’m still on the first page of exercises”, but I know I’m not quite yet ready to move on when I’m still out of tune on even #1.   I still have difficulty holding the bow.

Actually did two practices –  an AM of 50 minutes and a PM of 30.  The AM was much better than my PM.  I am much better when I’m on my medication.   I know that cello playing  supposed to help deflect ADD related symptoms,but cello playing is not a cure.   Medication should not be abandoned.  Wish I had started when I was 10.