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I was trying to diagnose my back and posture tonight.  Not much was going right and I noticed tension creeping into my back.    I know I sound like a grumpy old man complaining about aches and pains.   It’s not as bad as I’m making it sound.  I am merely identifying some problems I need to solve.

Screeching across the G string again, although sometimes I did get a nice tune.   I was huddled over the cello tonight, short and choppy and closed.   I did manage to open up towards the end, though.   I think it takes time to warm up.  Tonight was doubly frustrating because I had more tuning to do than usual, which meant less playing.

My only goal was to get the first line of Allegretto in tune.   Not very ambitious, I know.

My obstacles are my teachers, so I must pass them by honoring them, not by fighting so hard.   Notably, this is also a feature of my emotional life with my family these days.  I’m trying to drive the family at a frequency far from its natural resonance.  Not related to cello, but I also miss my therapist, so I think I’ll take action there.

One thing my problems have taught me – I have a limited patience for repeated mistakes.  But what is considered reasonable?   I don’t know.  Just keep moving forward.  Nobody gave me a schedule when I was a baby learning to walk either.